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Best Answer: Nevade state law: NRS 463.350 Gaming or employment in gaming prohibited for persons under 21. 1. A person under the age of 21 years shall not: (a) Play, be allowed to play, place wagers at, or collect winnings from, whether personally or through an agent, any gambling game, slot machine, race book, sports pool or pari-mutuel operator.

Have you known anyone who never fails to buy lottery even though this individual hasn't won anything massive trying his luck for the past 30 years or so? Here at, we'll share with you the 5 top reasons why gambling is always a bad idea, in the name of minimizing losses and regrets. Top 5 Reasons Why Gambling Is A Bad Idea. 1. Gambling | Yahoo Answers I want to know all the reasons why people who win the lottery are advised to not make any major purchases for at least 1 year after they win big time. BQ: What are all of the tips and tricks to increase a person's chances of winning on scratch off tickets more often? Please give me details with a source or 2 with your answers, if any of you can! Why do some people consider gambling as morally bad? - Quora

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New MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred seems to be taking a different approach from his predecessor in many ways, but one interesting development is possible policy shift in regards to the league's ... Gambling: Good or Bad? - Mibba Gambling is a disease, often thought of as a psychological condition many cannot control. Gambling exudes endorphins, that allow a high to take over one’s body. Not only can gambling ruin the lives of players but also that of their families; therefore, I am against it. Twenty-one is an age that allows many luxuries to saunter into your life.

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Is gambling Not bad? / myLot One of my online friends told me that gambling was never 'bad', and 'someone must have told you that it was bad', which is true, as my parentsWe only gamble with the money we can spare, and the thrill is like nothing else." I have great respect for this friend of mine, as he's both older than me and also... Essay on Bad Habit - Gambling - 410 Words Bad Gambling Habits Gambling is a perfectly healthy hobby as long as gamblers are still in control of when to stop. To win at gambling, one must know when to quit, because quitting while you're ahead is the best chance of winning at a casino. If gambling has become an addiction and one continuously... Is gambling that bad? Gambling is a habit that eventually turns into a somewhat demonic addiction. I have had gamblers cursed at me for winning on the houses behalf andA winning gambler believes that he will always win and a loosing gambler believes that he must at some point. The hard thing that a gambler seems...

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Best Answer: Moderate gambling as a pastime is not right or wrong. If you gamble away the rent money and your family is hurt that is certainly not right. If you gamble away the rent money and your family is hurt that is certainly not right. Gambling legality in USA.? | Yahoo Answers Hello. I'm 19 and I live in Illinois where the gambling age is 21. I'm extremely fascinated by the game of poker and desperately want to play. I found a casino in Oklahoma that allows anyone 18+ to play. Would I be in danger of any legal action whatsoever if i chose to cross state lines and play poker here? I wouldn't think so since that is what the casino allows.